Born and raised in Chicago, I have always been known as an entertainer. From my childhood until today, my passion to become a Writer and Director has never changed but grown stronger. My dreams are beyond making it, I live through my writing in so many ways. My dream is to become a best selling author, director and at my best in film,  the next (Female) Stephen King. I have a love for suspense thrillers and horror. I want to build a studio here in Chicago like Paramount Studios and bring "New Faces" from all over the world into my productions. They always say to "Dream Big" and as long as I have "Faith", I know GOD will lead me in the right direction.

 My Mission is to bring performances that my audience can enjoy. I have always been able to make people laugh, cry and even scare them with my horror stories. I want to bring that to life with my writing, creativity, my imagination and a great cast. I know I can achieve anything. From the first day when Tyler Perry became such an icon and role model in my life, I said to myself, "I can do that!" I have been blessed with this gift and I asked myself, "Is it to late?" I have been given a gift and know now it is my time to unfold it and share it with the world. My mission is way beyond just stage plays, I am also getting involved in film and sketch comedy. I would like for my audience to laugh, cry and be on the edge of their seats.  I will deliver the messages that GOD wants me to deliver through my own creativity and imagination. I will guarantee to bring you back for more.

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