The comedy stage play "SUGAR DADDY" written and directed by FELICE TAMARA-J

"SUGAR DADDY"......55 year old Pete (old man Lofton) wants to get his groove back and find three sexy young ladies who are all about the "Benjamins" (Vanilla, Chocolate' and Lexi) that makes him feel like the pimp that he think he is. His best friend Otis disagrees with his lifestyle and tells him he needs to date women his own age. Pete blows him off and not knowing he already has a crush on Bianca, gives Otis the okay to date her. When Bianca runs to Otis for help to rekindle the fire with Pete, she is in store for a big surprise. Pete's nosy roommate Isabelle who loves gossip, is a comical southern woman who gives advice to help Bianca get Pete back, but has a thing for him too. Old man Lofton gets a slap from reality and see where his heart really is, but when he tries to make things right will he get Bianca back or will it be to late?........Find out and see what happens as you enjoy some soulful singing and LAUGHTER from beginning to end.




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