Writing is my passion. It is like the air that I breathe. I can't live without it. It is an addiction, my drug, my fix. I am an addict!! No matter what happens throughout my day, I have to feel the keys of my laptop, stroking each one as I masturbate and reach an orgasmic explosion. I will live and die writing. END OF STORY!


This "Erotic Thriller" tells three short stories about women that had to face Love, Sex and Murder. Trying to earn self-respect, their sexual fantasies leave them fighting for survival. Not knowing that in the end, it wasn’t easy for them to just walk away, but walking away dead or alive was the question. The heat gets turned up when their own sexual desires causes chaos, jealousy, envy, obsession and murder. 

Their cravings for intimacy that started off as hot and steamy, turns into a blood bath. Tension is in the air and their lives are at stake. They question their own instincts, but it maybe to late to turn back now. Living in their own world of seduction, stirs up trouble and leads them to a dead end. There desires with the men that they seduce takes them on a ride like no other. When they are faced with making decisions for their futures will they let their sexual appetites control them or will they do whatever it takes to make it out of the situation alive..Sex or Survival? They have to make a choice.


Part II is the continuation of the sexually, gripping novel “Fatal Fan*Ta*Sees. Love and Sex has an even bigger price to pay and that’s what most cannot handle. They seem to have an addiction for pleasure, but are unable to deal with the baggage that comes along with it. Relationships can be tricky, especially when you don’t know how to separate Lust from Love. When wrapped up in your emotions a decision has to be made. What will you choose? Heartache or Revenge? In either case…the situation ends fatally. The moral of the story is…Someone has to die. 

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